What is Mesotherapy Whitening?

It is an alternative technique for spot skin whitening. Carefully selected cocktail of medical grade whitening agents such as arbutin, kojic and vitamins are infused into the skin to clear blemishes and discolorations such as melasma, freckles and age spots. A cocktail of vitamins, skin lightening and brightening agents are delivered into the skin by a special gun or roller through micro pricks. This treatment is highly recommended for skin brightening and lightening stubborn pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid may be used for skin rejuvenation.
Multiple sessions spaced 2–3 weeks apart are required for maximum benefit.

How Mesotherapy Whitening is Performed?

Mesotherapy treatment is a quick simple procedure. Once the skin is cleansed, a topical anaesthesia is applied. After 30 mins, using a very small needle, dozens of small injections are administered in a concentrated area. These injections may contain homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and natural extracts. The patient then lay flat for few minutes to allow absorption of the medication.


The patient may return to usual activity the same day. Some patients may experience slight bruising, swelling and tenderness on the treated area that normally disappear within few days after the procedure.


After the treatment, the skin would be slightly pink which usually fades in a day or two. Occasionally, some may experience mild bruising.  A series of treatments, 6 to 10 session, space one week apart is recommended to achieve maximum results.

Risks and Complications

The main risk associated with mesotherapy whitening is the obtaining of a severe skin infection, but this is more common if the procedure is performed in an unclean environment. In general, side effects are much less serious and are extremely rare.

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