Botox helps the muscles and skin around the area to relax and become tight, such as wrinkles on the forehead Crow’s feet around the eyes and cheeks to help reduce wrinkles Makes the face look more slender, lifting, restoring youthfulness to the face



Hifu the latest innovation of lifting the face from wrinkles, wrinkles, various areas of the face, such as lifting the eyebrows, falling, lifting the cheek, sagging, reducing the wattle and lifting the neck or all parts of the face and neck. The skin looks more lifted and youthful.



Filler fill the deep groove such as the cheek groove, bags under the eyes, change the face shape to look more dimensional and V-shape to make the face look slender. Can add cheeks to the orange ball and inject the lips to look plump, add sexy



Laser helps restore skin Make skin youthful And reduce wrinkles of age Adjust skin color regularly Reduce dark circles, clear skin

meso fat

Meso Fat

Meso Fat injecting excess fat Adjust the face shape to become more slender And eliminate cellulite accumulated in the fat layer Used to reduce fat in various parts such as cheek reduction, chin reduction, chin, arm, thigh, hip, abdomen



Mesotherapy helps brighten the face. Healed from dullness Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, dark spots and acne marks. Helps nourish the face Pores

thread lift

Thread Lift

Thread Lift help lift the face Adjust the face shape to look slender. Firm skin Solve skin problems on the face, sagging, cheeks, flabby, reduce wrinkles, wrinkles

hair removal

Hair Removal

Hair Removal with Medysist innovation for smooth, radiant skin, enhancing confidence in every posture Hair removal can be as deep as the source. Compact pores look smaller. Reduce the occurrence of leather No irritation after doing See results from the first time

Start The Beauty In One Step

Botox the front frame is clear, slender.

Hifu with a back-up, no need to hurt

Fillers fill all worries

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Advice from the medical team

Botox overnight youth

In case of problems or dissatisfaction after using the service, consult a doctor to check and revise.

Hifu lift up, adjust the face shape Go back to the age without hurting yourself.

In case of problems or dissatisfaction after using the service, consult a doctor to check and revise.

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